Bollwerk Mit Pferd

Fortress with a Horse

Empty standing spaces playing with art. That is an attractive concept with a “guerilla” touch for flexible, transient exhibition organizers. And it is a win for the interested urban public. The proof for this right now comes from the Neue Gallery. They use two idle shops on Bollwerk next to the cinema Kinostar (whose days are also numbered). Shown is the two part video installation, “Horse Study” from the Australian Linda Tegg.

The view from outside through the empty room shows two projections of a noble, majestic acting horse, one staged with saddle and one without. It is a very unexpected image seeing the horse in such a wonderful indoors room. It is odd work situation, which Tegg accomplished and with the apparent objective to video record it. The arrangement actually becomes a study of the horse as an object in the history of art, as a status symbol for the rich and powerful, as an inner look at energy and strength and as a highest creature in our society, which on the outside seems flawless and effortless.

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